First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care

The FNIHCC provides a continuum of home and community care services that are comprehensive, culturally sensitive, accessible, effective and equitable to that of other Canadians. The program responds to the unique health and social needs of community members with disabilities, chronic or acute illnesses and the elderly (read more).

The case manager, along with the home care nurses and elders’ community worker endeavor, among many other things, to:

Provide direct home care nursing services to clients.

Provide structured client assessment and on-going reassessment of determine client needs and service allocation.

Provide access to medical equipment, supplies and specialized pharmaceuticals.

Provide mental health home-based services, such as traditional counseling and healing and medication monitoring for clients experiencing mental illness.

To provide teaching to clients and their families in the development and implantation of the client’s care plan.


For more complete information, please visit Health Canada's website and download the compendium, available in PDF format: Click Here.