Primary Care

Primary Care refers to first-contact care, in which the majority of health problems are identified. Primary Care services and service providers are responsible for the diagnostic, curative, restorative and supportive elements required for holistic and comprehensive client-centered care. This would include appropriate referrals when needed. The Primary Care clinic offers services which cover a range of clinical assessments, interventions and evaluations as well as psychosocial support and monitoring of chronic illnesses and mental health & addictions issues as required. These may include the various screening initiatives such as diabetic retinopathy and sleep apnea screening. The Kanesatake Health Center Inc. offers medical and nurse clinics through the year with visiting specialists as needed.

At this time, The Kanesatake Health Center Inc. continues to collaborate with local, provincial and federal partners to address the primary care needs of individuals, families and the community through the following services:

Medical Services

  • Ambulatory Clinic
  • Home & Community Care
  • Communicable Disease Prevention & Tuberculosis Monitoring
  • Immunizations
  • Sexually transmitted and blood borne illnesses (STBBIs)
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)